Water shortage in pakistan


Water shortage in Pakistan

Allah purifies all the blessings to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. There are four seasons, high mountains, beautiful springs and water reserves in Pakistan, but surprisingly, in this country, today’s shortage of water is in danger, which becomes much alarming for all citizens of Pakistan.

water shortage in pakistan

Mangala, Turbila, Chashma Dam is one of Pakistan’s largest dams, through which a large portion of Pakistan is getting water, while other small water bodies are also playing an important role in supplying water across the country.

water shortage in pakistan


While mentioning the dams, many people are protesting about creating Kalabagh Dam in the country, while many are not in favor of construction. The condition of existing dams in our country is also tremendous. But why did not anyone raise the sound of his maturity, otherwise, instead of solving our problem, there is no riot? It is as if people like the same rule! So, what is wrong with us?  We know that drops make the river, then the comment will not be wrong if talked about water in their own homes. If a person can self-determine himself well, first of all, water can be used as water wastewater like washing excessive water, washing clothes, washing the dishes, drying water while washing the floor.
Every day someone talks about a problem of water, he does not even go out. As many as water is needed, other animals are required, while their animals are included in the plants. Water is proven to make the soluble in the plants, due to water, the plants will feed the food through their roots. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of water and many that make it a vital ingredient of life, but then it can expand. Now, if the accuracy of your statements, then the government will first have to improve the Mangal, Turbila, and Chamber of storage capacities. – Because these dams have thick layers of grounds that if the liquor was not cleared then you could face the further deficit in the next few years.the government has made appropriate rules for preventing water shortage which can be taken into consideration.

water shortage in pakistan

Specify the use of tube wells. Because of the tube wells pumps due to the error in the Groundwater, the main cause of water scarcity occurs.

We should make the irrigation system more advance.

Water supply in the villages should be brought to private level because the government has failed to overcome problems such as water stolen etc.

Farming organizations and the private sector should be constructed
Water shortage has shaken the farmer The government should have to resolve this issue on an emergency basis because Pakistan is an agricultural country and does not give up any harm in an agricultural country that even due to our good management, due to our good management, there is a shortage of water in the country. Farmers give proper irrigation to crops and adopt modern technology as soon as possible.






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