Top 5 Mobiles In 2018


Top 5 Mobiles In 2018

Huawei P20 Pro USD $866

Huawei P20 Pro 8 MP Telephoto Lens, which actually captures image depths and provides the background impact of key images. In the setup, it appears that the Huawei P20 Pro main camera comes with the F/1.8 Aperture, while the rest uses the old Aperture, which we have often seen on all other devices. The front of the P 20 Pro seems weird.

Huawei only has one camera with 24 MP lenses. You ‘ll see the difference between the smartphone screen at the top, where Huawei Pro will be a note like Apple iPhone X. This company has reduced the cost of a badge like Samsung itself, but still, they have not managed to achieve it Korean giant Huawei P20 Pro has extended its corners to a minimum and the fingerprint sensor is backward.

However, there is still the front side, which means that the face is unlocked in the Pro Huawei P20 Pro, or both types of security protocols are available on this smartphone. The device’s screen size is 6.1 inches in the full Vision screen with 1080x 2240 pixels P20 Pro resolution. A large 4000 MAH battery is equipped at the end of the power section of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB USD $1472

Galaxy Note 9 512 GB from Samsung is a really powerful machine that’s very hard to beat and it looks like there’s no wonderful tool to strengthen it. Galaxy Note RAM from Samsung has been upgraded to Rome and you’ll get this super machine in 8 GB RAM instead of 6 GB RAM now. All other telephone specifications will be the same . Galaxy Note 9 512 GB front glass body brings, but also backward, wireless charging and now you can call Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512 GB as quickly as your super fast charging technology is available to all. The resolution is 1440x 6060 pixels with 6.4 inches resolution. Note to Samsung Galaxy.

The 9 512 GB version always has an on-screen display that gives you access to your notifications and time without the full device. Note The latest changes in the 9 512 GB style have been made, and you can click on the images with your stylus pen to place your phone during the Bluetooth time.

Oppo Find X USD $1126

The manufacturer of OPPO X has decided to grow above its competitors and therefore they launch smartphones with pop – up cameras from the top of the XX openings. At first it was not clear what kind of display this phone will have, but now it is very clear that 6.4 The X-10 AMOLED panel is set to the front of XX with a resolution of 1080x 2340 pixels and when we talk about the ratio, aspect ratio of 1959.

Notch is absent from the top of XX by OPPO. Display panels are imported from Samsung which means that the display and contrast of the display are going to be cool, where the video quality of OPPO X is also due to its increased performance Is going to improve.

Qualcomm Snapdragon is the duty to keep every work in 845 chipsets and the OPPO XX X flagship phone has also been created. Amazing 8GB RAM is multi-tasking, while the built-in storage of 256 GB is really amazing to store all types of data inside OPPO X. The Trendy feature package is also included.

Xiaomi Mi 8 USD $563

Xiaomi MI8 is also a great achievement because this phone is now the real face of the days of the flagship. The display is the main attraction of this smartphone under display fingerprint, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Chipset of xiaomi MI8 is what makes the era of flagship. As we all know that Xiaomi MI7 was the company’s plane according to the last name of Mi8’s 8 Mii Shiiam of that device, about which we know another name And the reason behind it is solid because it is a time to celebrate the birthday and Xiaomi is a solid device like Mi8, which is a smartphone suitable for celebrating this event.

Samsung and Huawei perform best on fingerprint scanners, but Xiaomi 8 has this unique technology already. As far as its specifications are concerned, you will have a 6.21-inch LCD made of IPS panels, which is 8 high – definition 1080x 2248 pixels of Xiaomi MI. Stainless steel frame The trapped inside is shiny, the xiaomi Mi8 is shaded with the glasses on the back and front.

The Android OS v8.1 will work as the brain of the Orio smartphone, where MIUI 9 masks its spectacular looking software. 6 GB is connected to the MI2 chipset while the internal storage of the smartphone is only 64 GB.

Apple iPhone XS  $1429

The Apple iPhone display on the Apple iPhone XX Max means that this phone’s display is similar to other phones, but the panel size is larger than the iPhone of the other sister. This time, he seems to have changed his strategy, and instead of only two varieties, he’s a new one that’s never before. Apple iPhone comes with a Max A12 chipset, which is also new and has never been used on any device.

In order to keep the performance score better, we can say that Apple XS Max is the night star, all its competitors and rivals. We heard about Haven two years ago that he would beat Apple, but XP would be harder for Apple’s iPhone to compete and it seems that if they always bring new things to the table, Dream will never come true.

The iPhone XSX is perfect and one thing that separates the phone of this brand from others in its software, which is light compared to Android and does not burden the system, so the XX Max is this year’s software version.



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