The Relationship


One day the husband said to his wife in a quiet environment:

Many days have passed, I have not met my family siblings and their children. I am inviting them to be gathered at home so please you have a nice meal tomorrow morning.

The wife said in a round way that she will  prepare.

Husband said: Then I will invite my family.

The next morning the husband went to his work and returned home at noon.

She asked the wife:

Have you prepared food? My guests will come after an hour.

The wife said: No, I have not yet cooked because there are no people in your house, so they will eat whatever is present at home.

Husband said: God guides you … why you did not tell me yesterday that food will not be prepared, they will reach after an hour then what will I do.

The wife said: Sorry to call them … What is this in such a way that they are neither endless but your family.

The husband got angry and went out of anger at home.

After some time knocked at the door. When the wife opened the door, it was amazed to see that her own family, sister-in-law and her children are entering the house!

The father of the wife asked: Where is your husband?

They said: It’s a little late.

Father told the daughter: Your husband on the phone on the last day invited us to lunch .. How is it possible to go away from home by inviting it?


Hearing this, the power fell on the wife. He began to get hand in trouble, because the food in the house was not worthy of his own family, but he was certainly worthy of his husband’s family.

She called her husband and asked: Why did not you tell me that I have invited my family at lunch.

Hubby said: I am my family or your family … What is the difference?

The wife said: I am waiting to come out with something ready to eat from outside, there is nothing in the house.

Husband said: I am far away from home and anyway this is your family,



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