sardar usman buzdar


Sardar Usman Ahmed Khan Buzdar, member of August 2018 Punjab Provincial Assembly. In 2001, he joined the Pakistan Muslim League (Q). In August 2001, he was selected as Tensa Sharif District Nazim. In 2013, before the general election, he joined the Pakistan Muslim League of Nawaz (PMLN). He joined the public Punjab Suba Mahaj in 2018. Publication of Public Punjab Punjab Suba Mahaj with PTI in May 2018. He received 26,897 votes from thePP-286 Dera Ghazi Khan-II Provincial Assembly.

Usman Buzdar is Tahir-e-Insaf ‘s son and Sardar Fateh Muhammad Bujrr ‘s son, who has three MPAs. He has a political background and is the eldest son, born in May 1969. His father Sardar was Fateh Muhammad’s’ Buzdar’ tribal chief, who is mainly Baluchi in the Dera Ghazi Khan tribe. She’s married and has 3 girls.


Despite the literacy rate, the literacy rate is very low despite the district, yet he managed to fulfill his master in political science from Bahahuddin Zikria university. He graduated from Law College Multan in, where he completed the intermediate from a government college.

Political Career

The political career of Usman Buzdar began in 2001 when he joined the Pakistan Muslim League Q and served as the Nazim district of Sharif. From August 2001 to 2008 he served as a nazi district. After the 2008 general election, he left the PML Q, but was politically affiliated with the party according to some sources.Before the 2013 general election, he joined Pakistan’s Muslim League N and contested the 2013 general election, but unfortunately the Khawaja was sitting near Muhammad Nizam-ul-Mehmud. Before the 2018 general election, he joined the second party, Janabbi Punjab Suba Mahaj, which joined Pakistan Tehreek – e-Insaf later on.

sardar usman buzdar

Imran khan,s view about usman buzdar

Imran Khan said the Buzdar was elected as Punjab’s poorest. ” These people are without water, without electricity, without hospitals. People live in the stone age. ” There are no basic facilities in the tribal belt of DG Khan. There is no access to clean drinking water, electricity, proper roads and schools near the population of 300,000. Although Pakistan had mined deposits of uranium from villages in the vicinity of Nangai and Tatan to bomb first.

Imran Khan said that at home the Buzdar had no electricity. It can be as unbelievable, it’s true. In tribal areas such as the rest of the village in the house, there is no power. But in DG Khan, his family has another house, where his wife and three daughters live. This residence has basic utilities.

Khan said that The special thing about Sardar Usman is that he is well acquainted with how people live in those areas and secondly, they know how to lead their poor lives.

“When he accepts the Chief Minister’s office, he knows the nature of the misery that conflicts Pakistan’s deprived people.

He is the only MPA to not have electricity at home. I am confident that he will work greatly to bring his vision as a result, whose aim is to increase the lower classes of the society and backward areas of Pakistan.

CM to Punjab

Following the winning of Dera Ghazi Khan’s PP 286 general election with 268 9 votes, the 2018 general election was nominated for the Chief Minister of Imran Khan. On 19 August 2018 the Chief of Punjab officially elected Hamza Shahbaz Sharif with 186 votes. According to the latest video by Imran Khan, the reason is that usman buzdar is the only prime minister who has no electricity home and is very poor districts. That’s why they can manage it better.




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