important organization with head Quarter


*List of Important organization with head Quarter*
1.””HQ of UNO”””
====New York===
2″””HQ of ICC””””
====Dubai Abu Dhabi===
3.””””HQ of Hockey””””
4.”””HQ of Olympic Game””””
5.””HQ of FIFA “””””
====Zurich ( Switzerland)===
6.”””HQ of Brics””””
7.”HQ of Shanghai Cooperation Organization””””
====Beijing ( China)===
8.””””Union European Football Association””””
,====Nyon ( Switzerland)===
9.Economic Cooperation Organization”
”====Tehran ( Iran )===
10.”””””International Civil Aviation organization””””
==== Quebic (Canneda)===
11.””United nation industrial development organization””
====Vienna (Autaria)===
12.”Asia Pacific economic corporation”
===Singapore 1968===
13.””””Organization of petroleum exporting countries”””
=====Vienna ( Austria)===
14.”””HQ of All India Muslim League”””
15.”””””HQ of Seato”””
===Bankok (Thailand)===
16.””””HQ of Sento””””
17.”””””””HQ of D-8″”””
18.””””HQ of Arab League””””
===== Qaira (Egypt)====
19.””””””HQ Of SAARC”””
===Khatamandu ( Nepal)===
20″”HQ of Gulf Cooperational Council”
====Riyadh ( Saudi Arab)===
21.””””HQ of World Bank””””
22.””””HQ of ASEAN”””
23.”””HQ Of International labour Organization”””
24.””HQ of International civil aviation organization””
==Montreal (Canneda)===
25.”HQ of International Monetary Fund
=======Washington DC=====
26.””””HQ of Food and agriculture organization””””
====Rome (Itly)===
27.”””HQ of Universal postal union”””
===Burn (Switzerland)===
28.”””HQ of International development association””””
29.”HQ of International bank reconstruction development””
30.”””HQ of International finance corporation””””
31.””””world trade organization
32.””World health organization””””
33.”””HQ of UNESCO””””
====Paris France====
34.”””HQ of Amnesty International
London Britain””””
35.=====HQ of UNICEF====
====New York America===
36.”””HQ of World economic forum”””
===Cologny Switzerland===
37.””””HQ of International committee red cross “”””
38.””””HQ of International telecommunications union””””
39.””””HQ of United high commissioned for refugees””””
40.”HQ of Transparency international”””
===Berlin Germany===
41.”””HQ of Interpol””
===Lyon France===
42.”HQ of World Tourism organisation”
==Madrid (Spain)===
43.””””””HQ of International atomic energy agency””””””
====Vienna Austria===
44.”””HQ of European Union””””
45.””””HQ of NATO””””
====Brussels (Belgium)===

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