IG Islamabad transferred on PM Imran khan verbal order


The Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar today requested the immediate notice of IG Islamabad’s exchange and immediately requested the Interior Ministry and Attorney General to the court.

During the hearing, the Supreme Court’s three- member bench requested the Secretary of the Interior and the Attorney General to state that IG was ordered to report to the Establishment Division for the reasons last day.

the Chief Justice had given the remarks that we have come to know that IG has been transferred to the recommendation of a minister, we will not allow the institutions to be weakened and the political interference in the police will not tolerate, the rule of law will be established. Honorable Chief Justice Pakistan further said that we also found that there was a problem of the son of a minister because IG was removed, do not you know that there is a dispute with IG’s Swati?

Justice Saqib Nisar expressed his condolences, saying,’ Is this New Pakistan?’ Pakistan doesn’t like this, we won’t allow the country to run this way, Pakistan is not by anyone’s will, no law enforcement and misconduct. ‘ The Chief Justice said that the Secretary – General and Secretary – General, you are the State employees, you should refuse to accept the wrong order. After the hearing, the Supreme Court suspended the notification of exchange of IG Islamabad and directed them to continue work.

Earlier, the interior minister, Salman, when the court asked for the court to arrive in court, delayed a few hours, Chief Justice Pakistan expressed displeasure on him and said that he was informed about the arrival of you, Are judges bound to wait for you?

Apart from this, DPO Pakpantan Rizwan Gondal was also suddenly transmitted on which Chief Justice Pakistan himself took notice.



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